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Mezze Brightens La Cienega with Mediterranean Small Plates

Phone: 310-657-4103
Status: Opens tonight
At long last, the group effort between Voyeur's Matt Bendik and David Koral, chef Micah Wexler (Craft), and FOH Michael Kassar (Spago) becomes realized at Mezze, officially launching tonight in the former Sona locale. But, a massive overhaul lead by interior designer Waldo Fernandez (Soho House), which includes new skylights, a glassed-in open kitchen (and shmancy new wood-fired oven!), a bar/lounge area, and one private dining room, make it near to impossible to envision Sona's white table clothes and sometimes stuffy space. Welcome to a new era of dining.

Mezze sports a Eastern Mediterranean feel with rustic floors crafted out of repurposed wood from Lebanon, colorful handcrafted tiles sourced out of Morocco, stained glass windows in the bar/lounge, and huge floor to ceiling glass doors that slide open for al fresco and semi-alfresco dining.

As the name would suggest, Mezze serves mezze, or small plates inspired by the food of Syria, Israel, Lebanon, Morocco and Turkey. The adjacent full bar offers all sorts of fresh fruit creations meant to pair with those small plates. We've been tracking, and tracking, and tracking this newcomer, finally it's ready to debut. Score a resy here.
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Mezze @mezze_la

401 N La Cienega Boulevard, West Hollywood, CA 90048-1906 310 657 4103


401 N. La Cienega Blvd., Los Angeles, CA