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Venga Brings High End Sweets to Beverly Hills

Earlier this month Eater noticed an empty space on N. Canon with window signage announcing a new food establishment under the working title "Vital Energy Gastronomy." As it turns out, this space will actually become a pastry and gelato shop called Venga, meaning "come on in" in Spanish. According to pastry chef Kriss Harvey (Wynn, Joel Robuchon, Oriol Balaguer), co-owner along with Shahriar Besharat, "It's going to be high end and not a bakery. Macaron, chocolates, small cakes, entremets, eclair, croissant, pain au chocolat (special recipe with a years old sour dough starter) and gelato." The team is installing a "high tech kitchen equipped with the latest European tools" and should be open in about one month. Below, a shot of their "Beverly Hills" cupcake, and some chocolates.
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