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Inside City Tavern's Dark, Rough, Almost Complete Interior

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Elizabeth Daniels 3/11

Surely you were just as curious as we were to check out those table tap booths inside that new watering hole from the Rush Street crew, City Tavern. Clearly the space is not yet complete, though most elements are in place like the copper and walnut bar, long communal drinking table, wooden two-tops, and industrial-style chairs. Oh yes, and those table tap booths! Check 'em out, three taps per table, part of those large brown booths. Overall the space feels dark, and slightly gritty, don't forget City Tavern open April 4.
·City Tavern Opens April 4 with Table Tap Booths [~ELA~]

City Tavern

9739 Culver Boulevard, Culver City, CA 90232 310 838 9739