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Primavera, Michael's Pizzeria, TroVino, Mongolian BBQ, more!

1) Beverly Hills: Looks like Riceville Thai Kitchen has been replaced by Primavera on Olympic just west of Doheny. The restaurant is slated to open this coming April, expect California cuisine and craft beers. [EaterWire]

2) Long Beach: Michael's on Naples is expanding. Just one door over, they're opening a Michael's Pizzeria. If all goes according to plan, the wood-burning oven and 50 seat space will debut by the end of the month. [EaterWire] — DG

3) Mid-City: TroVino, that under construction new rustic Italian spot which took over the former All' Angelo space, has posted signage and should open "in a few weeks." [EaterWire]

4) Downtown: The corner of 7th and Grand is becoming a dining destination. The newest kids on this block include a Chipotle and, across the way, something from FiveFive associates. Chipotle is moving right along with its "burritofication," but the space across the street is still all drywall and rubble. [EaterWire] — DG

5) MacArthur Park: Down the street from award-winning pastrami mecca, Langer's comes a Mongolian barbeque joint, imaginatively named Mongolian BBQ. Opening soon, pending permit approval. [EaterWire] — DG