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From Travi to Bailly, Fraiche Feels 1.5 Stars

SIV has 1.5 stars worth of commentary for Fraiche and its new chef Ben Bailly, who, along with other talent around town, is playing “musical chairs” in the restaurant biz circuit. With all these chef shuffles Sher is having trouble keeping up. She also seems to be having some difficulties with the lack of focus on the young French chef’s menu. Although he doesn’t have a problem with consistency in his tweets, SIV asserts, “He's definitely a sweetie, accessible and charming, but maybe he should think about toning down the self-promotion until he's got Fraîche's kitchen in focus.” SIV describes a meal she had during the transition period between former chef and partner Jason Travi and the incoming Bailly as "flat-out terrible," therefore "Bailly had his work cut out for him." So far "the food is getting better," it's " good, decent, fine — whatever you want to call it — but not particularly compelling. Bailly obviously wasn't hired to do the polished French cooking he turned out at Petrossian. For a classically trained French chef, rustic Mediterranean can go against the grain...the kitchen needs to inject more personality into the menu...if [Bailly] can get the hang of this Mediterranean thing, I'm hoping for a reinvigorated Fraîche." [LAT]

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