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Mother Dough Fires 850°F Pies in Los Feliz

Elizabeth Daniels 3/11

Just when you thought Pitfire Pizza and Pizzeria Mozza were your only viable pizza options, think again. Welcome to Mother Dough, serving the Los Feliz community wood-fired Neapolitan-style pizzas since March 22. Check out the simple industrial designed digs, two-tops flank the length of the restaurant with a 6,000 pound oven in the way back that, according to Urban Daddy, cranks out pizzas fired at 850°F in 60 seconds. The menu offers just five pizzas ($15-$19), most of which are topped with the prized tomatoes of San Marzano (in Campania) and buffalo mozzarella, plus prosciutto or sausage or zucchini. To drink, Italian vino and assorted beers.
·Neapolitan Pizza from a Huge Wood Oven [UD]

Mother Dough Pizza

4648 Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90027 323 644 2885 Visit Website