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The Yogurt Shoppe Swirls, Pitfire Pizza Freebie, MORE!

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PACIFIC PALISADES Up above, The Yogurt Shoppe, an official new addition to Swathmore as of February 21. This ice creamery serves regular, non-dairy, no sugar added, and fat-free froyo in flavors like root beer float, country vanilla, and cake batter. Expect about 10 froyos in total, flavors will change regularly. Hours of operation run from 10AM-10PM daily. [EaterWire] DOWNTOWN Tomorrow during Art Walk Pitfire Pizza is offering a freebie glass of sangria or can of PBR with the purchase of a pizza or pasta. [EaterWire]

MEALS ON WHEELS The PattyWagon burger truck will launch its second vehicle on March 25. [EaterWire]

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