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Cafe Entourage Opens Friday Adding Another Late Night Dining Option to Hollywood

Up above, 7,000 square feet of stylized modern design via Cafe Entourage, launching Friday. The partners of A.N.D.M. (this is their first venture) hired chef Michael Ben (B&B in Las Vegas, Aroma Cafe on Sunset) to craft a pretty standard, dare we say "upscale," American diner-ish menu offered from breakfast through dinner from 8AM-2AM; served 24 hours Thursday-Saturday. (Updated menu is here.) There's booze, too, in fact Cafe Entourage is considered both a restaurant and lounge, the main dining room contains a full bar and the venue's second floor (this is really the "lounge" area) houses a second bar as well as a 2,000 square foot patio that overlooks the W Hotel Hollywood. (Updated cocktail menu is here) Bizbash is already pushing this space for private events, but the question remains, can this behemoth remain filled on a regular basis?
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