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The Fat Dog Gastropub Opens Wednesday, Take A Gander

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Elizabeth Daniels 4/11

801 N Fairfax is the place to be. Coffee Commissary opened about a year ago, Lindy & Grundy JUST launched last Tuesday, and this Wednesday brings The Fat Dog's debut. The restaurant passed its final inspections last week and owner Richard Mandeville has spent the past few days stocking inventory and holding mock dinner service in the simply designed space. Notice all the fat dog artwork, and that wall by the bathroom is a communal space for patrons to hang pictures of their canines.

Similar to The Fat Dog's original location in Montrose, The Fat Dog Fairfax houses a long bar with its booze selection (cocktails, wine, beer) written on an overhead chalkboard. There's also more than enough communal and booth seating. Check out Montrose's food and drink list because similar offerings will be available here.
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The Fat Dog

801 N Fairfax Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90046 323 951 0030 Visit Website