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All Quiet on The Rama Front, What's Going on?

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For a few months now we've been hearing murmurs about Rama and a potential shutter watch. The restaurant overtook Celadon last August, bringing white tablecloth Thai cuisine to 3rd Street. From the Inbox we receive the following note:

"Went to Rama for dinner on Saturday night with a 5:15pm reservation from Open Table. The restaurant was not open and the mail was still outside. We called several times but no answer. We checked Open Table when we got home and they are no longer listed (at least on Saturday night they weren't). Did they close? Sad if they closed. I thought the food was really good."
Rama's phone line has been disconnected, OpenTable is down, and according to the venue's former PR team, restaurant management has been unreachable.
·Rama Brings Thai To Third Street, Soft Opening Friday [~ELA~]


7910 W 3rd St Los Angeles, CA 90048