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From One Bakeshop To The Next, Buttercelli Overtakes Leda's

"My mother-in-law is the real inspiration for the bakery. She's been baking for over 30 years," explains Buttercelli Bakeshop co-founder Shelly Pennington. Shelly plus her sister-in-law Quinn Pennington have decided to embark on an organic bakery adventure, transforming the shuttered Leda's into an oasis of freshly baked goodies crafted from whole organic ingredients including cage-free organic eggs, organic butter, organic flours, sugars, and milk. "We will stay true to the home-quality baked goods by baking in small batch only," continues Shelly, a Sherman Oaks native who has chosen to open Buttercelli Bakeshop on her home turf, "if it's going to be the Valley, it has to be on Ventura Blvd!" While the particular names of baked goods are still influx, here's a sample list of sweets. Buttercelli Bakeshop opens May 10. [EaterWire]