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Jamie Oliver Responds to LAUSD's Plan to Revamp School Food and Open Its Central Kitchen

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Last night on the season two premiere of Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution, the British chef and food crusader attempted to infiltrate the LAUSD (Los Angeles Unified School District), though was repeatedly rejected and barred from entering all LAUSD schools. Officials barely paid any attention to Oliver, however now that the show has aired it seems like they are singing a different tune. Today ABC reported that the LAUSD has invited media to hear its side of the story and tour the LAUSD central kitchen facility. The LAUSD also intends to "unveil its own attempt to revamp its menu, offering better food choices for their students." In response, here's what Oliver had to say just moments ago:

“Good news that the ‘Food Revolution’ has people talking about what Los Angeles schools are feeding our kids. Wouldn’t it be great if we could find out what the kids are actually eating; where the food comes from; what’s on the ingredients’ lists; and who is really doing the cooking. I am hopeful that LAUSD’s efforts to educate the LA media is a signal that they’re willing to work with concerned parents and local activists to make the system truly transparent. Our dialogue with LAUSD is ongoing and I’m optimistic that they will be able to implement real changes that have a long-lasting impact for LA kids.”
·LAUSD explains turning down ABC's 'Food Revolution' [ABC]

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