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Urth to Pasadena, Waylynn Leaves Bazaar, MORE!!

PASADENA—Brigham Yen gets us a rendering of the forthcoming Urth Cafe Pasadena. But don't hold your breaths: Urth's owner, Shallom Berkman, says that the “groundbreaking is planned for December 2011, and will take about a year to build.” [PRwBY]

???—As we suspected, Waylynn Lucas has left The Bazaar and is now working on a concept known as F?nuts, reports The Feast. Sounds like she's improving the concept of the donut, but how? And, where? [EaterWire]

DOWNTOWN—File this one under "grey area:" Portofino Cucina Italiana downtown now offers direct from shop to table wine delivery. While awaiting its alcohol license, Portofino has partnered with a local wine retailer to offer free wine delivery to your table. Delivery time is estimated at 10 minutes after an order is placed off the menu merchandise list. [EaterWire]


8104 W 3rd Street, Los Angeles, CA 90048 323 592 3075

Urth Cafe

592 E. Colorado Blvd., Pasadena, CA 91101