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Fluff Ice AKA "Frozen Cotton Candy" Shaves in SGV

After a longggggg battle with its landlord and the city, Fluff Ice was finally able to obtain its certificate of occupancy and celebrate a grand opening on April 8. Could Fluff Ice become the Pinkberry of shaved ice? Well, from the look of its bright, colorful interior design, maybe. Fluff Ice pre-flavors its ice before its frozen into blocks then shaved, and customers have likened the sweet to "frozen cotton candy." Right now the following flavors are served but will change in the future: Original Fluff with condensed milk and topped with strawberries, mangos, or both; Strawberry Fluff with fresh strawberries and finished with condensed milk; Mango Fluff with fresh mangos and finished with condensed milk; Green Tea Fluff with red bean, mochi rice cakes, and condensed milk.
·East and West Flavor Fusion at Fluff Ice in Monterey Park [~ELA~]