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The Spice Table's Southeast Asian Cheeseburger

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As part of Eater's first ever burger week, chefs at six LA restaurants that don't serve burgers agreed to make a special limited edition burger, served just this week and next. Every day we'll highlight a new burger, starting with today's Southeast Asian Cheeseburger from The Spice Table.

Bryant Ng, chef and owner of Little Tokyo newbie The Spice Table, is a big fan of bare-bones burgers (Pie 'N Burger in Pasadena, Apple Pan, and In-N-Out animal style). He wanted to take this basic burger construction and spike in extra flavor with a Southeast Asian twist. While the above pictured may look like a simple creation, Bryant explains that he amped up flavors with the addition of shrimp paste in the meat (to add that subtle background adding anchovies in Italian cooking), sambal in the sauce, and fried shallots.

The patty is made from a mix of ground shortrib and hanger steak with a bit of shrimp paste, there's mayo, curried cucumbers, tomato, iceberg lettuce, American cheese (Kraft), sambal, and fried shallots all piled on on a sesame bun. The Spice Table's Southeast Asian Cheeseburger costs $13 and includes fries, sriracha-ketchup, and pickled mustard greens.

Want to get a taste? The burger will be served now through May 8 during dinner service only. And stayed tuned to get a peek at the limited edition burgers from Scarpetta, Cleo, Border Grill, Typhoon, and Toranoko.
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Spice Table

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The Spice Table

114 S. Central Avenue, Los Angeles, CA, 90012

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