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Introducing Eater's First Ever Burger Week

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2011_04_burgerweekart.jpgStarting right now and ending, oh, around 5 PM Friday, Eater will be your headquarters for all things burger for this, our first ever Eater Burger Week. We're going to hand out free burgers, delve into the world of the veggie burger, talk boozy burger pairings, in addition to other burger-related stunts. So do come back here regularly throughout the week to check it out.

Or, check out Burger Week on your lunch hour. Eater asked six of our favorite restaurants that currently do not have burgers on the menu to make a special Eater Burger Week creation, available all this week and next. The chefs went to town, and if we do say so ourselves, the end results are pretty fantastic. Throughout the week we'll highlight the burgers with all the requisite food porn, here's who is participating: Scarpetta, The Spice Table, Typhoon, Cleo, Border Grill (SM, Dtown), Toranoko.

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