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Sur Grows Into Next Door Space, Fat Fish Shutters?

Today we received the following tip: "had dinner last night at fat fish. in the middle of the meal, staff informed us they had just been told that the restaurant was closing for good as soon as we paid our check. we all had a farewell drink. story is Sur, which is two doors down robertson, had taken over the space between the two restaurants and closed on their deal to take over the fat fish space sometime during cocktail hour. this will make sur rather large. you're welcome." First off, thanks for that one. While nobody at Fat Fish was around to answer phones so far today, Sur does partly confirm the aforementioned. The restaurant will expand into that smaller vacant space next door, however it will not move into Fat Fish. That would be a ridiculously large restaurant. No word on the timeline of all this, but changes are underway. [EaterWire]

Sur Restaurant and Bar

606 N. Robertson Boulevard, West Hollywood, CA 90069 310 289 2824 Visit Website


606 North Robertson Blvd., West Hollywood, CA, 90069