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The Best Burger in LA Reader Poll: The Final Round

Clockwise from left: Apple Pan, Umami, The Oinkster, The Bowery

One of the most important parts of Burger Week is determining once and for all, through a highly imperfect bracketing and voting system, which burger is the best burger of all Los Angeles. All week 17 burgers—chosen by Eater editors and readers—have been duking it out in close heats, and the world watched as premium specimens from Pie 'n Burger, Father's Office, and The Golden State were vanquished by their rivals. Now it's time for the final LA vote.

Advancing to the final round is Apple Pan's Hickoryburger, Umami's Umami Burger, The Oinkster's Classic Burger, and The Bowery's Bowery Burger. Please choose carefully.

Poll results