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Inside The Veggie Grill's All American Stack Burger

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The Veggie Grill's All American Stack Burger.
The Veggie Grill's All American Stack Burger.
Photo: Muy Yum/Flickr

veggie-burger-power-hour-150.jpgWhat's in that thing, anyway? The veggie burger concept is sacrilege to some, confusing for others and even unappetizing to those who have never had a bite of one. Let's demystify it a bit here by comparing Nancy Silverton's famous burger blend (which she will soon use at the forthcoming Short Order) with the ingredients in the All American Stack Burger from The Veggie Grill. Here's what could potentially be in your next veggie burger.

Nancy Silverton's Beef Burger Blend

Ingredients: 20% to 28% lean coarse ground beef, kosher salt, ground black pepper

Veggie-Steak Burger from Veggie Grill

Ingredients: Water, vital wheat gluten, isolated soy protein, natural flavors, modified vegetable gum, potato starch, expeller pressed canola oil, molasses, onion powder, garlic powder, spices, pea protein, carrot fiber, organic beet root fiber, organic evaporated cane juice, barley malt extract, yeast extract, sea salt

Veggie Grill

2025 Wilshire Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90403