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Looking For A Veggie Burger? Try These

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Veggie Burger, Burger Kitchen
Veggie Burger, Burger Kitchen
Photo: The Burger Kitchen


For many, a burger isn't a burger unless it's made out of beef. But even meat eaters need a break every once in awhile. Especially after creations like this. And so, we give you five burgers that even meat eaters in this town love:

1) Umami Burger
What to order: Earth Burger
Why: This mushroom and edamame patty with white soy and truffle aioli smells like meat. It's rich in, well, umami and won't let you feel like you're missing out. There's creamy ricotta cheese, caramelized cipollini onions, butter lettuce, and sweet oven-roasted tomato (a signature of Umami burgers) and it tastes like it belongs in a slightly more upscale joint than one that serves just burgers.

2) M Cafe de Chaya
What to order: The Big Macro
Why: You're going to know you're not eating meat, but it doesn't taste like a salad or a puck of compressed vegetables either. M Cafe has been doing this healthy thing for awhile now, so they know how to add flavor with things like avocados, soy sauce and, actually, alfalfa sprouts. You won't even notice the sprouts until they tickle your nose though. Bonus: the mozzarella doesn't even taste like soy.

3) The Counter
What to order: The Veggie Burger
Why: The thing about this place is that the diner picks patty, bun, toppings and sides to create their own unique burger...and their veggie patty is just fine. Especially with a whole bunch of cheese on top, caramelized onions, mushrooms and peppers.

4) The Veggie Grill
What to order: The V-Burger
Why: Grown men and women, who have eaten meat their entire lives, occasionally don't realize that The Veggie Grill only serves vegan fare. That being said, fans swear by these burgers mostly because of the savory house-made sauces that keep it from tasting like way too much plant protein.

5) Burger Kitchen
What to order: Veggie Burger
Why: The vegan patty is somewhat non-descript, but it holds up to the fluffy brioche bun and your choice of toppings. Otherwise, this v-burger is pretty classic. Get fries on the side. Fries make everything better.

Umami Burger

850 S La Brea Ave., Los Angeles, California 90036

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