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The Tripel Pours Tonight in Playa del Rey

Phone: 310-821-0333
Status: Opens tonight
Couple Nick Roberts and Brooke Williamson, co-founders of Beechwood in Venice and Hudson House in Redondo Beach, tonight debut The Tripel, a DEX Studio-designed (sugarFISH Downtown, Santa Monica) beer and wine bar on Culver. For the space DEX wanted to capture a modernized feel of a 1950s era neighborhood store on Culver, notice the traditional storefront look with two large glass vitrines which showcase patrons sitting at the large communal tables. The small venue serves craft bubbles, 50 beers by bottle, 14 on tap listed on that chalkboard over the bar, in addition to international boutique wines. Creative market-driven plates range from grilled chicory and fennel, to a lamb burger with honey-yogurt harissa, there's a pastrami melt and calamari po'boy, with shoe string fries and sweet potato tots on the side. Here's the completed menu and wine list in full.
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[Photo: Jill Stevens, DEX Studio]

The Tripel

333 Culver Blvd., Playa del Rey, CA