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After Ink., Michael Voltaggio to Open a "Sandwich Place"

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The Los Angeles foodie contingent eagerly awaits Michael Voltaggio's first solo restaurant, Ink. The project seems to hit consistent delays, but the latest word was that an opening could come in May. Anyway, LAmag pens quite the lengthy piece on M.Volt revealing a few more details on Ink., but more importantly that he is already planning a sophomore effort, a "sandwich place" slated to also open this year. No other details.

Back on the Ink. front, MV has hired "Dickinson" as his chef de cuisine, "the only chef in Los Angeles with more tattoos" than he. The menu at Ink. will "be a long list of dishes not divided into categories" some plates with technique, some without. There's also an eight seat bar where guests can opt for an omakase experience.
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