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Lindy & Grundy: A Full Service Meat Market and More

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Elizabeth Daniels 4/11

Despite the insane amount of coverage we, plus every other Los Angeles food-related publication, have give to Lindy & Grundy, it would be remiss to omit final chop shop photos. Up above, the full reveal. In addition to locally sourced proteins, butcherettes Amelia Posada and Erika Nakamura sells spices, salami, pickles, and cheese within their industrialized butcher shop on Fairfax at Waring. Those looking for specialty cuts of meat, call in advance and the girls are happy to oblige. Hours of operation run Tue-Wed 11AM-7PM, Thu-Sat 11AM-7:30PM, and Sun 11AM-5PM. A more than welcome addition to the nabe.
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