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Freebirds vs. Chipotle

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Screen%20shot%202011-05-11%20at%202.03.03%20PM.pngIn anticipation of that new Freebirds outlet that opens May 20 in Marina del Rey, Midtown Lunch decided to hit the downtown restaurant for a first bite: "I could totally imagine the 19 year old me getting stoned, heading to this place at two in the morning and ordering their freakishly large, $12, Super Monster burrito...I’ll just say this? I got a carnitas burrito and I didn’t love it. You know how you just eat at a place once and know it’s not for you. In fact, it brought up all the same feelings as when I tried Chipotle for the first time (back in 2007). Only one thing? Chipotle is better." [ML]