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Rosewood Tavern Neighborhood Steakhouse Opens Next Week on Fairfax

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The Fairfax District continues to blossom with the addition of George Abou-Daoud's Rosewood Tavern, launching next week. Much like Abou-Daoud's other ventures (The Bowery, District, Mercantile), patrons can expect a similar neighborhood-vibe, in fact, a blurb from the restaurateur describes this venture as "the epitome of a neighborhood tavern." There's a full bar with an extensive Scotch and Irish whiskey list, 28 craft beers on draft (Eel River Tripel Exultation, Wells Bombardier), and a steakhouse menu. In addition to chops look for Indian Spiced Chicken Wings, and Slow Roasted Beef Dip Sandwich.
·Rosewood Tavern Coming to Fairfax, Sushi in SaMo, More! [~ELA~]

Rosewood Tavern

448 N. Fairfax, Los Angeles, CA

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