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Salvage Bar & Lounge Brings Modern Day History Downtown

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Jessica Boone, 5/11

Up above, the bare bones skeleton of what will soon become Salvage Bar & Lounge, that new nighttime haunt moving into the ground floor of the historic Roosevelt Residences (dates back to 1926). Nocturnal Entertainment Group (Solomon Mansoor, Justin Yashouafar, Homan Taghdiri) is behind this 2,700 square foot project which should open in June and is located on the ground level of the property.

Recently, The Roosevelt Residences was renovated into offices and luxury lofts. NEG picked up the leftover sticks and stones, ranging from Cararra marble slabs originally commissioned for the Roosevelt in the ‘20's to old panels to doors and windows, and restored/refurbished the pieces for Salvage. Anyway, the space is quite obviously very much in plywood mode, but one can see bits that point to Salvage's final outcome.
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