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Vampire Lounge Draws Blood, The Royce's New Menu, More

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BEVERLY HILLS— Up above, a looksee at Vampire Lounge, a new wine bar serving vino from Vampire Vineyards, yeah apparently this is real. Per the press release, the venue is "rumored to be owned by a circle of vampires," mmmhmm, and serves alcoholic grape juice with names like Dracula Syrah and Trueblood Pinot Noir (also not a joke), plus some chocolate and charcuterie. Right. [EaterWire]

INLAND EMPIRE— Not that this is terribly exciting, but just fyi, Chipotle is opening two new locations in the Inland Empire. The first cafe opens May 25 in the La Verne Town Center, the other on June 4 in the Montclair Mall. [EaterWire]

PASADENA— Six months into his tenure at The Royce inside The Langham hotel, chef David Féau today introduces a new Spring menu.

Chanterelle / Amaebi – chanterelle mushroom soup, santa barbara prawn medallions, sweet calamari, green mustard, asparagus tip
Lobster / Celery – lobster agnolotti, celery coconut emulsion, upland cress
Turbot / Ramp – turbot fillet plancha, fins-ramps-ham “cotto” “ragoutté,” charred leeks, fava beans
Morel / Guinea Egg – Oregon morel mushroom á la crème, soft boiled guinea egg, upland cress-coffee
Swiss Chard / Spring Lamb – roasted agneau de lait, purple chard-blackberry, hot crème fraiche scented chocolate mint lamb jus
Poulet Vapeur / Lemongrass – scented whole steamed jidory chicken, mustard jus, corn beans squash, sweet-spicy brulée
Fraise Des Bois / Fraise Blanche – egg white steamed floating island, strawberry-pineapple-sage consommé “frâppé”

Vampire Lounge

9865 S Santa Monica Blvd Beverly Hills, CA 90212