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Stone Brewing Co. Expands With $20 Mill Investment

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Stone Brewing Co. may or may not sound familiar, perhaps Arrogant Bastard rings a bell? Drink Eat Travel brings word that Stone, apparently the nation's 14th largest brewery (oh my!), has received a 20 million dollar investment to expand. Specifically, the financing will enable Stone to add 35 acres of land, double its beer production, add Stone Farms in Escondido, and even create an electric vehicle charging station.

But more on Stone Farms. The previous owners of the 18 acre property supplied some produce to Stone World Bistro & Gardens, the eatery and tasting bar located inside Stone. Unfortunately, owners had to put the property up for sale which is when Stone decided to take over. As it now stands, the farm should be up and running in about a year.
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Stone Brewing Co.

1999 Citracado Parkway, Escondido, CA, 92029