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Inside The Market at Santa Monica Place -- Opening Tom!

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Come rain or shine, The Market at Santa Monica place opens tomorrow. First of all, up above, a look inside before the launch. Second of all, some things to note. The Market officially debuts at 10AM and the first 500 customers score schwag bags. All weekends long purveyors within The Market plan to hold demos and tastings to show off their wares. Adrienne L. De Vore, Senior Marketing Manager for The Market, says "we worked really closely with the Santa Monica Farmer's Market on this project, and listened to the was inspired by the Ferry Building in SF and the Chelsea Market in NY..." Yup, sounds about right.

Also, for the next 30 days Artisanal LA has claimed a small area toward the front of The Market to hold a pop-up sampling station. And, this isn't exactly news, but Hans Rockenwagner has added a Souffle Bakery inside Rockenwagner bakery and Hans was there himself working on the buildout when Eater popped by last night. Finally, it's also important to note that not all vendor spaces have been claimed. That means there is still room for additional purveyors, so interested parties should contact Santa Monica Place for details. Still to come, more finalized photos.
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