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More on Moon Juice: Juices, Nut Milks, More!

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Rose Ave in Venice is on its way to score a new pressed juice bar (pressing fruit/veg is different than simply juicing fruit/veg with a centrifugal juicer -- pressing fruit/veg retains more nutrients) named Moon Juice. The word's out that Sean Knibb of A-Frame designery has sign on to create the interior, but here are a few more details. The place itself is owned by Amanda Chantal Bacon, a cook and food-writer herself, and will serve cold pressed juices and nut milks. Fruits and veggies will be pressed and bottled throughout the day, and the Moon Milk bar will offer "house made nut milks and butters, super foods, spices, natural sweeteners and ripe fruits." So, if you're looking to cleanse, this could be your go-to for juices. Customers have the option to pick up bottles in-shop or order online, cleanse programs will be available for delivery or pick up.
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Moon Juice

507 Rose Ave., Venice, CA

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