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Confirmed: Pure Luck Doneski, Wine Bar Moving In

After reading Blogging LA's post this morning that vegan staple Pure Luck was rumored to shutter, we placed a call to the restaurant. But, before getting to that news, we noticed that in Blogging LA's comments, some denied the shutter allegations, however Blogging LA followed up by posting an ABC change of ownership sign substantiating the original claim. So, when we called Pure Luck and spoke with an employee, it didn't come as a huge shock to hear that yes, indeed, the restaurant will shutter within the next 45 days, at which point a wine bar is scheduled to move in. The new owners are "5 M Group LLC" not exactly sure who this is, but additional tips welcome in the comments.
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Pure Luck

707 N Heliotrope Dr., Los Angeles, CA, 90029