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The Beverly Rocks Out with Industrial Glamour in WeHo

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Elizabeth Daniels 5/11

From Guy's to Guys & Dolls, next comes The Beverly which opened to the public last night. Guy Starkman (Guy's, Guys & Dolls, Trousdale) and Darren Dzienciol (Trousdale) run the show with Brent Bolthouse and Jenifer Rosero in a space designed by John Sofio of Built, Inc. (Sofio also designed the original Guy's).

The club's overall aesthetic was inspired by the Industrial revolution with some Eastern European opulence. First off, that side patio from Guys & Dolls days is no more, instead The Beverly offers the above pictured front patio with a vintage Anvil fireplace furnace dating back to the 1800's sourced from Clevland, Ohio.

Inside, The Beverly boasts salvaged windows from the New York City Armory circa 1870, bare Edison bulbs, and reclaimed wood from a furniture warehouse in downtown LA. The straps dangling from the ceiling? Strategically placed to help party-goers climb/dance onto the back of booths which have wooden stages.

Toward the far back notice the oscillating fans which are, in fact, outfitted with laser lights so when they are turned on they have a strobe sort of effect. And then who can miss those saber tooth tiger skulls behind the bar (reminds us of the gold skulls at GoldBar in NYC).

As for server uniforms, Darren hired celeb stylist Jessica Pastor to create a casual vintage look, so expect the girls to rock Siwy and Levi’s denim shorts with a Victoria’s Secret bra underneath a cropped denim top. Guys dress in a Double RRL Henley shirts with suspenders and Levi’s jeans.

As previously mentioned, Top Chef alum Marcel Vigneron has crafted a liquid nitrogen cocktail list. And if you're planning to pop by The Beverly tonight, don't. For now it's open Thursday and Saturday nights only.
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