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Will Larkin's in Eagle Rock Lose Its Liquor License? Or More?

A few weeks ago Eater received a tip regarding Larkin's in Eagle Rock. According to a restaurant employee, the soul food eatery was set to shutter, possibly to be replaced by some type of "order at the counter" establishment. However, the (shocked!) restaurant claimed no shutter was in the foreseeable future. Or so they said. However, the plot thickens because as of last month the State Board of Equalization has placed a hold on the restaurant's beer and wine license, which means it's in danger of being revoked.

Revocation generally takes place for either an arrest on the part of a licensee, or non-payment of State Board of Equalization taxes (aka payroll withholding), or non-payment of your Franchise Tax Board taxes, aka State of California income taxes. If a restaurant can't come up with the $$$, the state can take away a liquor license. And a liquor license loss would be hugely detrimental to any eatery. So, the future of Larkin's remains to be seen. Additional insight welcome in the comments.
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1496 Colorado Blvd., Eagle Rock, CA 90041