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Bastide Done, Donzo, Finished, Gone, Kaput -- For Good

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OMG. Actually, there will be no "renovations" and no August rebirth. Bastide has officially, after nine years of service and various incarnations, closed for good. Why? Because Bastide's landlord raised rent to the point of in-affordability.

On Friday came word that the French bistro, owned by director Joe Pytka, had shuttered for a temporary redesign which seemed fishy considering Bastide had undergone a costly facelift just a year and a half prior. Next, Bastide reps claimed the restaurant would reopen come August, but unfortunately that isn't so. It's now time to bid farewell to this West Hollywood mainstay that slowly slipped off the map. Let's remember the talented toques who passed through the kitchen: Walter Manzke, Paul Shoemaker, Ludo Lefebvre, Alain Giraud, Joseph Mahon, and most recently Sydney Hunter III. Buh bye Bastide.
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8475 Melrose Place, Los Angeles, CA 90069

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