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Free Curly Fries at SBE's Newest Kid, Papaya King

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SBE overlord Sam Nazarian wants to 1) show off how many venues he operates in Hollywood and 2) give away free curly fries to those who come by and check out his just opened west coast branch of NYC staple, Papaya King. To take advantage of this freebie, make sure to spend at least $5 on edibles/drinkabes and step up to Papaya King's red counter and declare "I pledge allegiance to the King." This offer is valid through June 30.
·Papaya King's Colorful New Home Rolls Out Dogs and Drinks [~ELA~]

Papaya King

1645 Wilcox Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90028 323 871 8799

Papaya King

1645 Wilcox Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90028