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Burger Week Mystery Burgers: Revealed!

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We've just about recovered from burger week, so now it's time to reveal the burgers featured in all of last week's Mystery Burger posts. Without further ado: Get Burger #1 at Pasadena's King's Row Gastropub; Burger #2 is in fact the O.M.G. Burger at Boneyard Bistro in Sherman Oaks (many, many people got this one right away); Burger #3 is the Stout burger by Stout; Burger #4 is made lovingly by your friends at Burger Kitchen; and finally, Burger #5, with that healthy bun, is from The Kitchen in Silver Lake. Thanks for playing, kids! Winners have been notified and confirmed via email.

The Kitchen

4348 Fountain Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90029

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