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Haute Asian Under Fire at Lukshon

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The buzz about Sang Yoon's first non-beer & burger joint, Lukshon, reached a fever pitch oh, about six months before the eatery actually opened. Regarding the delay, Yoon recently explained to LA Weekly, "There is a lot of preparation and detail that goes into stuff I want to do, so as far as the construction of the restaurant, there were a zillion custom details that were sort of fawned over and thought of over and over again. There's nothing off the shelf in there; everything had to be built. That's why it took so long." Yes, we all know he's a mastermind of sorts, competing with the Roy Chois and David Changs of the world, a little bit crazy and cerebral and capable of turning out some of the crispiest chicken pops that side of the 405. But with all of the back story surrounding Lukshon (Yoon's adopted Jewish grandmother; noodles; a fantastical test kitchen), one has to wonder: does the place live up to expectations? The critics, bloggers, Yelpers and 'hounds have spoken. Feel free to offer your own slivers of wisdom in the comments below.

First Things First: "West side fans of the San Gabriel Valley Chinese scene unite, no more worrying about traffic, we don't have to leave town anymore, our fix is in. Located in the Helms Bakery building 3239 Helms Avenue in Culver City." [Chowhound]

The Good Service News: "...the service was about was present as one could ask for without being distracting. The whole staff worked cohesively as a team, an impressive feat considering it was just the first week or so." [mattatouille]

The Fois Gras Ganache News: "...smooth, cool cubes of pureed duck liver, dusted with powdered carob and sprinkled with nuggets of what resembles Rice Krispies Treats. You probably could sell them as fancy chocolates in a shop on Abbot Kinney..." [LAW]

The Well-Spent News: "This cat Sang Yoon knows his way around tha mutha f@#$ing kitchen yo! We eat out 3-4 times a week and its always refreshing to find a place that makes your dining dollar feel well spent. My wife is sure they put crack cocaine in those tasty little Chicken pops! I don't eat chicken, but make an exception with these tasty lil' critters as they are like a Big Mac is to a 4 year old." [Yelp]

The Weird, but In a Good Way News: "raw: Spanish Mackerel – WIN! with coconut vinegar, jalapeno, lemongrass, and green papaya [$14] Weird, but in a good way." [The Delicious]

The Dish of the Year News: "And then there are the short ribs rendang. This is definitely a contender for dish of the year—and a brilliant use of sous vide (slow poaching in an air-tight seal). The meat is so miraculously tender, I’d be forgiven for thinking I was eating rare Kobe steak. The rendang here (normally a stew or curry) is merely a drizzle, an accent." [Brad A. Johnson]

The Dull News via SIV: "A couple of the small plates, though, are inexplicably dull, namely the bland rectangle of roti topped with lamb sausage, chana dal and pickled cauliflower scribbled with yogurt. Duck popia are fat fresh spring rolls overstuffed with soft shredded duck, and with just a few wisps of pickled jicama or cilantro to cut the bland meatiness." [LAT]

The Shrimp Toast News: "Shrimp toast was the best version of the dish that I've had, beating out WP24's already strong preparation. Toast and shrimp were blended into a crisp, delicious amalgamation that was still somewhat creamy on the inside, and which skillfully showed off the inherent essence of the shrimp. At the same time, the inclusion of chile and coriander served to balance the dish. Delectable alone, and similarly so when consumed with the included "sweet 'n' sour" sauce." [kevinEats]

The Misunderstanding of Mixology News: "The food is good. The bar is lacking olives. Also the bartender took great pains to very carefully measure out 1 shot of liquor to put in each of my 2 well drinks. The stinginess was pervasive... Bummer." [Yelp]

The Raising Prices News: "Had an okay meal at Lukshon tonight and the strange feeling that it was more expensive than the menu a friend sent to me after dinner a week ago! Came home to discover prices have been raised on the majority of dishes- most notably being the mussels- a $7 jump in price ($19 versus $12)..." [Chowhound]

The Free Dessert News: "The best part about dining at Lukshon besides the innovative dishes themselves....FREE DESSERTS!!! Not just one, but a trio of complimentary desserts. They are not always the same, and for that evening, we got a piece of fruit gelee, butterscotch brownie and some sort of chocolate creme de pot..." [Yelp]


3239 Helms Avenue, , CA 90232 (310) 202-6808 Visit Website


3239 Helms Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90034

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