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Pie-Ology Aims To Be The Chipotle of Pizza, Coming to LA

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[Photos: Pie-Ology, Fullerton.]

With all the fast casual chains and mini-chains floating around, it's not exactly surprising to hear about Pie-Ology, a two month old custom pizza concept in Fullerton. OCW was a fan right off the bat, Yelp reviews are quite strong with an overall 4.5 star rating, and word on the street is that local college students can't get enough (obviously). Pie-Ology touts itself as the Chipotle of pizza (pies under $10 a pop) and next up is planning to hit LA. Owners are in the process of "finding an A+ location" but expect Pie-Ology to pop-up sooner rather than later. Check out the modern industrial buildout, in Fullerton there's even a roll-up garage door. Oh yeah, and they sell Ding-Dongs, too. [EaterWire]