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8 Oz. Burger Bar Very Much DONE DONE DONE

For some reason, nobody seems to remember (or care?) that Govind Armstrong's burger concept, 8 oz., is not functioning at this given moment. During burger week we did receive a couple of 8 oz. burger nominations, obviously that burger never moved forward since the restaurant is shuttered for a "renovation." Mmhhmm. But c'mon, is 8 oz. really going to reopen? About a month and a half ago we hear the restaurant was kaput, and today we received this up-for-lease flyer from BRC Advisors:

"There is an upcoming location on world famous Melrose Ave. that would be perfect for your new and exciting concept. The address is 7661-7663 Melrose Ave, it use to be the home of '8 oz burger' there was a conditional use permit for parking and liquor license in place for the previous tenant. Please let me know if you want me to set up a showing for you."
Interested buyers can email this guy for details. Pretty safe to say, 8 oz. is gone for good.
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8 oz.

7661 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles, CA, 90046