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One and a Half Experimental Stars for Lukshon

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It's not a day at Sang Yoon's Office, rather a day at his newer experiment, Lukshon. SIV visits the eatery bestowing just one and a half stars on the "elegant but still casual Asian restaurant." While, "there's much to like about the new Lukshon in Culver City — the spicy chicken pops, the crispy coconut rice cakes, the Malaysian spiced short ribs! — in many ways it's still a work in progress." Lukshon scores high marks for its "sleek, contemporary...[design] by Ana Henton of MASS Architecture, with leather booths on one side of the dining room, a six-seat chef's counter and a tall glass communal table on the other with a full view of the goings on in the kitchen." Unfortunately though, "the Lukshon experience is mixed...Service is engaging and informed. A little more consistency in the kitchen, paying more attention to the rice and noodles, and turning up the volume on the flavors should do it. It's early days yet for Yoon's brave new experiment, emphasis on the experiment." [LAT]

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3239 Helms Avenue, , CA 90232 (310) 202-6808 Visit Website


3239 Helms Ave Culver City, CA 90232