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Pink Taco Responds to PETA; The Spanish Kitchen Holds "Defend The Donkey" Three Course Vegan Dinner

Last week Pink Taco came under fire when the restaurant chose to paint a donkey pink, mark it with the restaurant's name, and chain it to a fence. Vegans and carnivores alike responded by creating this Boycott Pink Taco Century City Facebook page, and even in our own comments, readers were appalled by the restaurant's insensitivity to chain a helpless animal to a fence in 85°F heat. And apparently this isn't the first time Pink Taco exploited a donkey. From PETA:

"After contacting the restaurant's owner, Harry Morton, and reminding him of a pledge that he made to PETA back in 2008 when he used the same stunt, today PETA received the following statement from Morton, reaffirming his pledge never to use animals in promotions again: '? Pink Taco has agreed not to use animals at our events and promotions and we are looking forward to ? discussing how we can work together in the future.'"

And on that note, The Spanish Kitchen has decided to hold a one night three-course vegan prix-fix dinner for $30 with proceeds benefitting PETA. The dinner will be held on May 12 and offers regular SK menu items that can be prepared vegan. Reservations recommended by calling 310-659-4794.
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