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Morrison Room: A Pretty Simple Private Events Space

[Photos: The Supper Club]

Unfortunately, owner Adam Newton decided to launch Morrison Room as an event space, not a full-on bar as we originally thought. Grr. On Wednesday The Supper Club held the first ever private party within the venue, so Eater popped by to check it out. Not a wholllleee lot going on. There are two entrances, through Duke's (cross the dining room and there's an alley plus set of stairs that leads you up), or through the parking lot in the back. Morrison Room has two outdoor patios, pretty non-descript, a blank slate that any event could easily customize and dress up. There's one indoor area that connects the patios and houses a bar, DJ area, plus one wall bedecked with mug shots, some of the late Jim Morrison (this space once served as his apartment). Anyhoo, those looking to book a private event can contact Duke's.
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