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LA Weekly Web Awards: Crazy Food Blogs Win Big

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Last night LA Weekly threw a party for their second annual L.A. Weekly Web Awards. Winners, losers, and wannabes frolicked about at Bardot and enjoyed the full bar and complimentary pigs-in-blankets, caprese sandwiches, sliders, and bacon-wrapped dates. Props to Starry Kitchen and Chego for taking home gold (floppy disk framed awards) for their minimalist and maximalist approaches to web design for restaurants. While Starry Kitchen showed up (in banana suit, no less), some of the other winners didn't make it to the party.

Also taking home awards for the night on the food side of things:

Best Food Blog - Street Gourmet LA
Best Home-Cooking Site - In Erika's Kitchen
Best Cocktail Blog - Thirsty in LA
Best Food Porn - Matt Bites
Best Beer Blog - Beers in Paradise

Funny story: the bouncer wasn't letting anyone in sandals inside the bar. "We can't let you in with open-toed shoes," to which we replied, naturally, "uh, but it's summer." To which he replied, "Yeah, but we were sued because someone dropped a glass on her foot." Well then. Full list of winners here.

Starry Kitchen

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