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Damian Windsor Co-Launches Ice Ice Shavie, Artisan Shaved Ice Meter Maid "Truck"

Here now, Ice Ice Shavie, a new mixology-driven shaved ice meter maid truck co-founded by Liz Wiltgen and mixologist Damian Windsor (Roger Room). What sets this little trucker apart from pre-established shaved ice vehicles like Get Shaved? Ice Ice Shavie does NOT serve sno cones, and its farmers market-inspired syrups, created by Windsor, are made from local, seasonal fruits and veg in flavors like strawberry-mint-thyme, raspberry-cinnamon-lemon-ginger-blackberry, and cucumber-cilantro-jalapeno-lime. Right now the truck is avail for private event and such, but it officially rolls out to the public on June 26 at the Studio City Farmers Market. What could be better than the aforementioned seasonal creations on a hot summer day? The aforementioned seasonal creations plus booze! Ice Ice Shavie teamed up with Avion Tequila, so if you book it for a private event, cups of shaved ice can be spiked with a ounce of liquid courage. Mmm. [EaterWire]