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Certified Open: Joe's Pizza Fires Pies in Hollywood

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Elizabeth Daniels 6/11

If you've frequented Playhouse in the last five day you would already know this, but Joe's Pizza (on Hollywood) has, as of last Thursday, opened a third pizza shop on Hollywood Blvd. And it's literally right next door to Playhouse. How convenient. It also seems as though, with each new location opened, the interior of Joe's gets incrementally nicer, while staying true to that NYC pizza-by-the-slice vibe. Joe Vitale first opened this Santa Monica place in 2007, followed by West Hollywood less than two years later. Now comes Hollywood, a slick and clean shop with handsome exposed brick, the expected white marble counter, and there's even some ceiling decoration going on in addition to oscillating fans. Do note that this space serves sandwiches and pasta in addition to the requisite thin crust pies.
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