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Inside Universal CityWalk's Newest Addition: Infusion Lounge

Elizabeth Daniels 6/11

Oh my. This here is Infusion Lounge, the late night club at Universal CityWalk which replaced Rhumba Room. The 9,800 square foot space is supposed to look like a Vegas club, why anybody would actually want to recreate a Vegas vibe is certainly a curiosity, but it's CityWalk so it makes more sense. This is pretty random, but you see that dance floor? It's ceramic! Simulated to look like wood.
Anyway, LA marks the club's second branch, the first of which opened in San Francisco, and the plan is to expand to other markets: Vegas, Portland, and London. So that would make it... a Vegas-style club... heading to Vegas. While the grand debut is scheduled for August, a soft launch is set for June 17. Oh, and those planning to hit up Infusion should note that the best place to park is on Jurassic Lot level four.
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