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Jamie Lauren Creates Menu For Vodvil, Opening Mid-July

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Earlier this week came news that Jamie Lauren had departed Beechwood and in her place Roy Choi planned to shake things up. But, of course, the question begged, what's Lauren working on now? That question is answered via the following Craigslist post:

"We are looking for a dedicated, strong, passionate sous chef to join us at our brand new restaurant opening in mid-July...Vodvil is located in the heart of LA, on the strip of Fairfax that houses such oldies but goodies as Canters as well as new great places such as Animal...our concept falls somewhere in the middle of the, retro food updated to suit today's market and palates. Our concept is unique and fun, and unlike anything LA has seen...Chef Jamie Lauren, last seen on the show Top Chef, is designing the menu and we are looking for a great person who can support the kitchen and the vision that has been created...Vodvil will be open for dinner only, 6 nights a week...we strongly believe in a 5 day work week...we believe quality of life is just as important as quality of work..."
Interestingly enough, Patina Group alums Cari Levin and Sharon Funt had originally signed on to craft American comfort food eats, clearly that plan fell through, and Jamie Lauren steps up to bat.
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