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Volt at Black Market, Beckhams at The Foundry, More!

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1) Black Market: "at Black Market Liquor Bar in studio city (amazing new spot, been open since Monday) and Michael Voltaggio is here with Hung (?) and their ladies. So funny to see two top chef winners grubbing it up here. Top chef allstar date night? think they ordered the entire menu." [Starwatch Inbox]

2) Napa Valley Grille: "Today (6/13) actor Chris Noth was seen dining at Napa Valley Grille enjoying an early dinner with his wife and child." [Starwatch Inbox]

3) The Foundry: "David and Victoria Beckham having dinner with Gordon Ramsay and his wife on Friday night at Chef Greenspan's The Foundry on Melrose. On the back patio, all seemed to be enjoying the evening and having a great time..." [Starwatch Inbox]

4) Sushi Dan: "justin bieber and selena gomez were sitting NEXT TO ME at sushi dan in studio city. They knew I saw them and jumped out into an escalade/suv. They were only there for less than an hour. Didn't eat much. But Justin had on stupid purple jeans and a new short haircut." [Starwatch Inbox]

5) Church & State: "Emma Stone was dining and enjoying some oysters with a friend this past Tuesday evening." [Starwatch Inbox]

6) The Misfit: "Kiefer Sutherland at The Misfit for dinner." [Starwatch Inbox]

[Photo: Elizabeth Daniels 6/11]

Black Market Liquor Bar

11915 Ventura Boulevard, , CA 91604 (818) 446-2533 Visit Website

Black Market

11915 Ventura Blvd., Studio City, CA 91604