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Doc's Apothecary Bar To Replace Sublime Food Lounge

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This news is so new that there is a chance that employees over at Sublime Food Lounge in Culver City might not know that their restaurant of employment is closing after one year and three months of service. Right now James Couey (Church & State) and mixologist Mat Gries are in final lease negotiations to take over the space and open Doc's Apothecary Bar. The team is hoping to square away the deal this week, then wait for an ABC transfer. Buildout should take about 60 days. But let's go back to that name for a second: Doc's Apothecary Bar. Sound at all familiar-ish? What about Apotheke in NYC? That small drinkery in Chinatown tucked away on a corner of Doyer Street behind Golden Flower Restaurant signage. Much like Apotheke which offers apothecary cocktails, or drinks that supposedly ward off illness, Doc's Apothecary Bar, too, will serve a medley of cocktails to promote energy, relaxation, etc. Overall though the libation list is rooted in the best of American and continental classics with constantly evolving original creations. That plus a full food menu, crafted by a currently unnamed chef. The hints we have so far: He was chef de cuisine at a local Culver City restaurant for years. Recently he left for a position in Manhattan Beach. Thoughts? Lastly, the aesthetic at Doc's will conjure the imagery of "a timeless style apothecary."
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Update: Chef Salvador Roldan (Ford's Filling Station) will handle the preparation of simple farm fresh fare.

Doc's Apothecary Bar

8631 Washington Blvd., Culver City, CA, 90232