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California Monster Salads Wants You To Try Their Salad In A Cone

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Phone: 310-587-2523
Status: Opened yesterday
Apparently there is a dearth of salad spots in Santa Monica because by 2PM yesterday California Monster Salads was sold out of everything, says co-owner Daniel Radell. His partner Stacy Simon wasn't around to chat, but, grinning from ear to ear, Radell explains that he stocked more than enough ingredients and was surprised by the volume of customers who came in for his bespoke salads. And despite the opening, the cafe's design is not entirely finished. Stray boxes abound, there might just be a ladder or step stool here and there, and those plastic boxes affixed to the wall will soon be filled with dirt and growing veggies. Fun. Aside from custom ($8.50 for up to five toppings) and pre-configured salads ($8-$10), Radell is most excited about his salad in a bread cone which he describes as thinner than a waffle but more crispy. The idea is, if you're in a hurry, you can just snag a cone and be on your merry way, no utensils needed. Or just drink your greens via kale lemonade. Other lemonade flavors include cucumber mint and tangerine. Radell promises CMS will be stocked for business today.
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California Monster Salads

411 Santa Monica Boulevard, Santa Monica, CA 90401